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Loyalty Program

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Start by picking a beautiful jewelry design
Select a unique earring, ring, or pendant design from our hundreds of stylish offerings. From simple studs to glamorous engagement rings we have every style you’re looking for.
Customize with natural gemstones and precious metals
We have all the material options to bring your design to life! With 17 earth-mined natural gemstones and shimmering recycled precious metals to choose from the customizing possibilities are endless! 
Wear your one-of-a-kind customized jewelry
It only takes 14 days or less to receive your customized piece of jewelry, and then it’s time to show it off! We put in quality craftsmanship so that you can wear and enjoy your customized piece everyday! 

Why Join Loyalv?

Realistic 3D Display
Never before has customizing jewelry looked this good! Our crystal-clear 3D jewelry display lets you customize with ease while viewing your creation from all angles.
Save time, Save money
Creating custom jewelry pieces at a retailer takes 3x as long and costs 3x as much! Why pay extra when you get the convenience of customizing your unique design right in your own home?
Made In the USA
All of our fine jewelry in handcrafted in the United States of America! We make quality a priority so you can wear with confidence.
Only Natural Gemstones
We promise never to use Swarovski Crystals or Lab created gems of any kind in our jewelry. Every gemstone we source is 100% mined from the earth!
Authenticity in Every Box
Every JEWELv jewelry purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity for your unique customized creation, signed by our CEO and accredited gemstone expert.
Customize and Share
Once you’ve customized your favorite design, easily share your creation with friends or drop a hint to your partner.
“Customizing in 3D was simple and fun”
Our customers love easy jewelry customization combined with realistic 3D viewing
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