Your Sapphire Jewelry: It’s More Than Just An Accessory

by Sam Sternweiler October 29, 2017


Princess Diana herself was seen wearing a sapphire engagement ring, given to her by Prince Charles; a true symbol of glamour and royalty. The magnificent sapphire gemstone has always been a symbol of nobility and romance. It decorated the robes of clergy members and was worn by the most prestigious individuals all throughout history.



A sapphire is a transparent precious stone made from a variety of the mineral corundum, also known as aluminium oxide. Certain amounts of elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, or magnesium give these gemstones their distinct colors of blue (most common), pink, yellow, purple, orange, or green. Some sapphires, known as star sapphires, exhibit a glistening star-like pattern.


Sapphire gemstones come in variety of different colors, although the most popular is the blue sapphire. The rich and velvety blue shade of sapphires was worn by many upper-class individuals throughout history, showing their wealth and power. This shade of the gemstone is the most expensive, and is of the highest quality.


You guessed it; jewelry. The most common use for sapphires is making them into beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings, or even bracelets. This intriguing gemstone is also commonly used for decorative purposes, for things such as crystal boules. Sapphires are not only eye-catching, but they can also be quite useful. Because of their hardness and durability, they are sometimes even used in scientific instruments, windows, watches, and other electronics.


The sapphire gemstone is the birthstone of lucky September babies. September babies have been banished from evil and protected from negative thoughts by their birthstone; the sapphire. The positive influences of the planet Venus are enhanced by the glistening stone, and a September baby is sure to live a life a prosperity and depth. Those born in the month of September are protected by their magnificent birthstone.

The sapphire is known for being a traditional 45th wedding anniversary gift, symbolizing trust and loyalty. The blue sapphire has been a symbol of royalty and wealth throughout history, and has been worn and cherished by the upper class.



Not only is this precious stone dazzling and and elegant, but it is full of history and meaning. Your sapphire jewelry is sure to bring you a lifetime of luck and happiness. Next time you're putting on your beautiful sapphire earrings for a night out, remember this: Your sapphire jewelry may be spectacular, but it is much more than just an accessory. 


Sam Sternweiler
Sam Sternweiler