About Us

About us

About Us
A team of talented 3D designers, jewelry makers, and gemology experts!
What Is JEWELv All About?
A brand created with integrity, vowing to only sell natural gemstones and quality jewelry. We're here to change the way that consumers buy jewelry. There's no pushy salespeople here, only jewelry experts and lovers that want to see our customers happy. We put the power in the customers' hands, letting them create their own fine jewelry, personalized with their own touch. JEWELv doesn't sell products off the shelf (we don't even have shelves), every piece of jewelry is customized and created for each individual customer. From completely custom jewelry to personalized designs, we craft jewelry by you, for you.

Our Promise

We don't have any secrets, we are transparent through and through. We happily give you all the information we have on our jewelry products so you can make an informed purchase. 
Our vetted manufacturers have been hand crafting flawless jewelry for over 50 years. We have total confidence that you'll be happily wearing your customized jewelry for decades.
Not only are the gemstones authentic, but the people are too. We're here to help, in any way that we can. Ask us any questions you have about jewelry, we're happy to spread our knowledge.
Samuel Sternweiler
Accredited Jewelry Professional, Entrepreneur, and Ice Cream Enthusiast
Samuel Sternweiler | Founder & Jewelry Lover
Once the record holder for world's youngest person, Samuel Sternweiler is a passion filled entrepreneur and start-up advisor. With his first jewelry company at 16 years old, Sam has been headfirst in the business of sparkling stones and shimmering metals for a long time. As one of the youngest degree holders from the Gemological Institute of America, a graduate of the #1 Entrepreneurship college in America, and an amateur Elvis impersonator gives Sam a huge leg up on the competition. He loves making friends so feel free say "Hey"!
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