Jewelry Quality Assurance

Authentic Fine Jewelry In Every Box
Your fine jewelry is made of the finest materials every time!
Proudly Made In The United States
Simply put, we wanted our fine jewelry to last a lifetime, and the only way to ensure that was to seek out the best jewelers and meet them face to face. We're proud to work exclusively with jewelers in the USA providing jobs to our citizens and maintaining the highest quality jewelry possible. Our jewelry is meant to be special, unique, and breathtaking, so only the best craftsmen in the world would do.
Natural Gemstones That Sparkle
Gemstones are unique and precious because they go through a wonderful journey from the mine into your jewelry, so why settle for some lab created piece of glass? We promise to only source natural earth-mined gemstones in every piece of jewelry we make. Our team of gemology experts find FTC compliant and conflict-free diamond suppliers to ensure your gemstones are both 100% natural and safely mined.
Gold And Silver And Platinum, OH MY
Mining for metals can be devastating to our planet, but there's no guilt with JEWELv as all of our precious metals are expertly recycled and refined for your fine jewelry. Experienced craftsmen accurately refine, balance, and stamp our gold, silver, and platinum to give you only the best quality recycled precious metals without the heavy environmental impact.
Proof Of Authenticity Forever
Each piece of jewelry we craft comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by an accredited jewelry professional. The certificate is personalized with both an image and written description of your specific jewelry creation, the name of the recipient, and of course our seal of approval. We strive to ease your worries and provide amazing authentic fine jewelry you can pass down from generation to generation.
Still Unsure About Our Quality?
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