Frequently Asked Questions

We love your questions! But we also know you like to find your own answers sometimes too! So just look below!


  • Who is JEWELv? What makes you different?
    JEWELv is a 3D online fine jewelry customization platform that allows consumers to create a unique piece of jewelry without ever leaving the comfort of their home. Not only do we put our fine jewelry’s quality before anything else as we only use natural gemstones and recycled precious metals, but we provide customers with features never before seen in the fine jewelry marketplace including our all 3D design catalog paired with real-time customization. This allows our customers to create a unique piece of jewelry that is custom made for them in far less time and lower prices than traditional jewelry stores.
  • What does JEWELv mean by "every piece is customizable?"
    Our real-time 3D online customization features allows for every piece in our catalog to be customized by you! Pick from our 17 varieties of gemstones and 4 types of metal to make beautiful fine jewelry.
  • Where is JEWELv located?
    JEWELv’s offices are located right outside of Boston, MA.
  • Does JEWELv have stores? Can I visit you to see the jewelry?
    As of right now we do not have any physical stores. In fact, all of our jewelry is custom-made per order, so there is no physical jewelry in our office.
  • Where is JEWELv jewelry made?
    All our fine jewelry pieces are made with materials from United States suppliers and assembled with JEWELv’s partner manufacturer here in the New England.
  • Does JEWELv's jewelry come with a warranty?
    Every piece of our jewelry comes with a FREE one year warranty. Lifetime warranties are available for high ranking loyalty program members. Please see our Warranty Policy for more information.
  • Why should I sign up for an account?
    When you sign up for an account you are able to fully utilize all the features JEWELv has to offer, Including our wish list feature and adding multiple shipping addresses. But best of all when you sign up for a free account you automatically get enrolled into our loyalty program, giving you lifetime discounts starting immediately when you enroll.
  • Why should I subscribe to JEWELv's newsletter?
    Our infrequent and non-spamming newsletters are full of new feature announcements, new collection announcements and provides you with a notification of our most current promotions.


  • Which gemstones and metals does JEWELv offer?
    JEWELv offers the ability to customize our fine jewelry with the following natural gemstones and recycled precious metals:
    Gemstones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Emerald, Garnet, Peridot, Pink Sapphire, Rhodolite Garnet, Ruby, Smokey Quartz, Tanzanite, White Diamond, White Sapphire, and Yellow Sapphire.
    Metals: Sterling Silver, 14kt Rose Gold, 14kt Yellow Gold, and 14kt White Gold.
  • Does JEWELv sell synthetic or fake gemstones?
    JEWELv does not sell synthetic or fake gemstones and never will. All gemstones offered at JEWELv are 100% natural earth-mined gemstones. All of our gemstone jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by our CEO and Founder Sam Sternweiler, AJP. This jewelry piece specific certificate guarantees the use of only natural earth-mined gemstones and is included in each piece sold from JEWELv.
  • Are JEWELv's gemstones and diamonds conflict free?
    Yes, our gemstone and diamond suppliers guarantee their stones as conflict free.
  • Are JEWELv's metals ethically sourced and environmentally friendly?
    All of our metals are recycled from jewelry that has been repurposed and therefore very environmentally friendly. Additionally, we only buy metals from United States suppliers that must meet Federal Trade Commission regulations.
  • Can I order a pendant with a chain?
    Yes, from the dropdown menu in the finalize section of the 3D design window, please select any chain selection option other than “no chain” which is the default. You should see the price change according to your selection.
  • Can I order jewelry in platinum or 18kt gold?
    We do not yet offer platinum or 18kt gold on the website, but if you contact us at, we may be able to create a custom order for you in these metals.
  • What if I don't know my ring size?
    You can easily find your ring size using our online ring sizing tool. Click the link in the footer!